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  1. This Policy is compliant with the Federal law No.152-FZ "On Personal Data" dated 27.07.2006. ArtWeb Group, a limited liability company, (TIN 7728764477, the Controller) defines the personal data processing and protection policies. This Policy applies to all the information that the Controller may obtain about the users of the website.
  2. Terms and Definitions. User is any visitor of the website. The website is a combination of graphics and information, as well as software that makes them available online at Personal data is any information relating, directly or indirectly, to an identified or an identifiable User of the website.
  3. The Controller may process the following personal data:
  • last name, first name, patronymic,
  • email address, and
  • phone number.
  • The website also collects and processes the user’s pseudonymized data (including cookies).
  1. All of the above constitutes personal data.
  2. Purposes of personal data processing The purpose of the User's personal data processing is informing the User through email or phone calls, sending newsletters about new products, services, and special offers. To stop receiving newsletters, the user can send an email at or with the subject "Unsubscribe" . Pseudonymized data of the Users are necessary to collect information on the Users’ behavior on the website, to improve the website quality and content.
  3. Ground for the personal data processing The Controller processes personal data only if the User inputs and/or submits them through the special web forms at By filling out the special forms and/or submitting his/her personal data, the User agrees with the Policy. The Controller processes pseudonymized personal data of the User, if such processing is allowed in the User's web browser settings.
  4. Procedure for collection, storage, transfer and other types of personal data processing Security of the personal data is ensured by implementing legal, organizational and technical measures in order to fully comply with the current law on personal data protection. The Controller takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. Under no circumstances, the User's personal data will be transferred to third parties, except cases associated with the enforcement of international law. To rectify his/her personal data, the User can send an email at or with "Personal Data Updating" subject. The term of personal data processing is indefinite. At any time, the User can withdraw his/her consent to personal data processing, by sending an email at or with the subject "Withdrawal of the consent to personal data processing".
  5. Final provisions To learn more about personal data processing the User can contact the Controller at or This Policy is effective until a new edition of it is posted at The latest edition of the Policy is publicly available online at
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